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Procurement fraud risk
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Preventing Future Corruption Risk for Leaders and Beginners

Risk Approach

Research and analysis is key in understanding the current and future threats that might impact an organisation and its global supply chain. Once a risk picture has been developed, more accurate decisions can be made on an approach that best protects an organisation.

Developing an organisations anti-fraud culture including areas such as procurement fraud and corruption training is integral and part of the foundation of any revenue protection and reputation risk approach.


Technology plays an increasing and important role within organisation assurance and the mitigation of risk from the collection and analysis of data, cyber security and crime reporting, to protect and audit of supply chains that includes mitigating counterfeit goods and materials being introduced.

Measuring development and performance is built into our engagement, from the introduction of a programme of awareness and training, to the use of technologies and identifying global technologies that will enhance an organisations performance and reduce their risk and enhance risk measurement.



Test your approach against our 4 Pillar anti-corruption framework

Preventing future corruption and fraud risk within procurement by learning how to build your anti-corruption framework.

Juan Carlos Venegas

Juan Carlos Venegas

Juan Carlos is a public accountant, certified forensic investigation professional, counter- fraud specialist, and trainer. He founded Fiscal Accounts in 2003, an accountancy firm in the UK specialised in accounting, taxation, fraud prevention, detection and investigations, and forensic accounting. He advises clients on financial management, budgeting and strategy implementation, fraud prevention and detection and internal control.

Mike Jardine

Mike Jardine

Mike is an investigation specialist with 36 years’ experience within law enforcement, the financial services sector compliance and audit; With practical experience across a broad spectrum of legal, cultural and physical environments within the UK and overseas. Experienced in organisational governance, due diligence investigations, statutory compliance, data security, intelligence and training for a large complex organisation. He has a Proven track record in leading and delivering criminal cases.

Shollay Davies

Shollay Davies

Shollay’s international expertise in anti-corruption has been developed over 17 years in corruption prevention, strategic management, capacity building, coaching and communication and formerly the Deputy Commissioner of the Sierra Leone Anti-Corruption Commission. His international achievements include the nomination as country expert on anti-corruption for the review of the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) in Italy and Cameroon.

Salisu Uba

Salisu Uba

Salisu is a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply UK (FCIPS) and a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Loan and Risk Management (FCILRM). With over a decade of experience in enterprise risk management, corporate risk management, public financial management and strategic supply chain management across several sectors in Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

We are global leaders and set the international standard in procurement fraud risk mitigation

Risk Mitigation and Planning

Our risk mitigation frameworks and project risk planning backed up by exceptional expertise in the fields of anti-corruption and counter fraud, supply chain risk, quality assurance and forensic audit who have worked on small and large scale projects ensures that key risk areas and gaps in organisation controls are quickly identified and a route to risk mitigation is designed and introduced.

Recognising the transnational crime threats that impacts an organisation is an essential part of doing business in global environments.

Understanding the risks that can impact international supply chains whether from the exploitation of child labour, human rights abuses, illegal logging or the breadth of counterfeit goods and materials, recognising the nexus of these risks is essential in providing a solution to protect your organisation.

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