risk analysis techniques

Continuous assessment of risks and global threats that impact or may impact an organisation in the future is integral to its operational and strategic decision making and is a key component to building a risk mitigation strategy.


Assessing national threats whether it is money laundering, transnational crime or fraud and corruption is an integral part of any planning process, that if thoroughly completed will assist the introduction and measurement of a national response and risk mitigation approach.

The insider threat, leaks of internal information and fraud and corruption within the workplace are recognised as key risks that organisations have to deal with. Cyber crime reporting and assessment including having a fraud and corruption control plan are an essential first step in mitigating this global threat.

Enhancing capabilities and expertise, policies and procedures, systems and controls should be an ongoing cycle from the assessment through to implementation and monitoring.





child labour and modern slavery

It is now recognised that risk from third party relationships can have a significant reputational and financial impact on an organisation particularly where there are third party links to child labour, modern day slavery, human rights abuses and other CSR failures. 

Understanding your vendor and third party risk from transnational crime including corruption and fraud risk and the global profile and nexus that may increase the third party risk to an organisation, should be part of an organisations enhanced vetting procedures.

Talk to us about your risk global profile and opportunities for risk mitigation.

transnational crime risk

Risk Mapping

Mapping global threats from organised crime and the routes that crime groups traffic people can give an organisation an insight into their supply chain risk and the risk within vendor supply chains from the introduction of risks such as counterfeit products, child labour and modern slavery.
Recognising and analysing the global threat from transnational crime assists all sectors that are affected to plan and design out these risks through supply chain assurance and a strong risk mitigation strategy.

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