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RUBIQ - The on demand, centralised GRC platform for any organisation

RUBIQ is a cloud-based platform utilising the latest technologies to deliver a truly unique, comprehensive and dynamic Governance, Risk and Compliance (“GRC”) management system for any size organisation, anywhere in the world. RUBIQ is quickly implemented, efficient to use, and affordable to organisations of all sizes.

The RUBIQ platform key differentiators support high
impact and highly effective GRC management:

Cost and Time Saving 

Quicker to implement resource light and and more affordable than the competition (i.e. High Return on Investment).

Ease of Use

Combined gap assessments, intuitive workflows, on-demand advisory, policy and risk libraries and high configurability results in an easy to use and friendly platform

Real Time Advisory Experts

Connect with subject matter experts in an instant

Deep Insights  

Identify probable cause of incidents and the risks they relate to. Determine the probability of achieving objectives. Constantly evolving AI does the hard work.

Cloud Based and Mobile

Your data is safe, secure and accessible from anywhere in the world

Rapid Maturity Assessment

Easily identify where you stand in relation to industry best practice

All you need to know: RUBIQ is a cloud-based PaaS (Platform as a Service) utilising the latest
technologies to deliver a truly unique, comprehensive and dynamic GRC management system for any size organisation.

How RUBIQ can help

Our world has changed significantly over the past few weeks as the COVID-19 pandemic sinks it’s teeth further and further into the health system, our economy and the way we manage and run our businesses.


Business leaders and business owners are faced with uncertainty and heightened levels of risk in their organisations. The resultant pressures of the pandemic come in many forms:

  • The workforce having to work from home

  • Cyber threats

  • Connectivity challenges

  • Supply chain failures

  • Drop in sales / issue collecting receivables

  • Information privacy breaches


These and many other pressures threaten to significantly disrupt business and will result in many organisations failing. It is in times like this that leadership and business resilience is truly tested

RUBIQ Business Resilience Solution

Moving you from fighting fires to resilent

The RUBIQ platform, in combination with our professional and experienced team and network of subject matter experts, is here to assist organisations through this crisis and beyond to build out business resilience and sustainability.

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