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Build Your Anti-Corruption Framework to Prevent Future Impact From Corruption


Steve Tosh
Company Director

Our vision has always focused on setting standards that impact how global organisations and their leadership view risk and how to tackle these issues in an informed and consistent approach.

Our expertise has been built around practical experience in various fields including leadership roles in academia, business, investigation and intelligence, research and analysis.

Leadership on the working group to design the British Standard BS10501: Guide to implementing procurement fraud controls, set out a framework for organisations to approach procurement fraud risk and route to mitigation. Our unique approach to risk identification and mitigation has been developed by building frameworks and is used in all of our assignments.

These frameworks, our procurement, anti-fraud and corruption expertise and experience have over the years allowed us to test and develop our risk model and solutions that have significantly benefited our clients. Our risk identification and mitigation approach allow us to make recommendations and assist our clients to implement change within their fraud prevention and detection approach, future proof their organisation from identified risk. 

To enhance this approach we have developed a number of training and coaching programmes to ensure that our knowledge and expertise is transferred into an organisation for maximum impact in developing an organisation approach and anti-fraud culture in mitigating risk and protection from further revenue loss.



Rob McCusker

Transnational Crime Expert

Rob has demonstrable professional expertise in transnational (cross-border) crime, anti-corruption, anti-money laundering and counter-procurement fraud. Rob is recognised and utilised as a provider of lateral rather than vertical thinking and is valued by clients for advocating proactive rather than reactive solutions. Rob has a proven ability to design, manage and disseminate the results of a variety of projects within budget and within allotted timeframes.


Marc Tasse

Anti-Corruption Expert

Marc is an international anti-corruption, ethics and compliance expert and the President and CEO of SIRA International Risk Advisors Inc. He has advised governments, international organisations as well as private and publicly traded companies in the area of anti-corruption, ethics and compliance. He lectures on fraud, white-collar crime, anti-corruption initiatives and the hidden costs of corruption at graduate universities.

Bill Mather.jpg

Bill Mather

Independent International Expert

Bill is a highly experienced international consultant, executive coach, advisor and author specialising in systemic transformation and change leadership to meet corporate and national challenges. He is the founder managing Director of SocialPioneers, an international social transformation agency and Vice Versa Projects, a change leadership and business modelling think tank. 


Oualid Ali

Future Cities Expert

Dr. Oualid Ali is an internationally recognised experts in the field of Future foresight, Trends watching, Emerging technologies & innovations, Industrial Revolution 4.0, Future cities (Smart, Sustainable and innovative Cities). He has been involved in the planning and implementation of several future cities projects in various verticals such as ‘Smart mobility, Smart education, Smart tourism, Smart Energy, Smart Health, Smart logistics and Smart waste management

We help leaders identify and prevent corruption through knowledge sharing and collaboration to transform their organisation.

Through the power of education to inspire positive change in the world, providing people with the tools to tackle ethical and financial crime risks including fraud and corruption that impact their communities, profession, or organisations.

Setting standards and supporting the global drive in addressing the Sustainable Development Goals must be done through leadership and setting an example of ethical standards and doing the right thing. Building business and expertise around these principles is our foundation for making positive change.

Part of our focus is on building strategic partnerships with international organisations and institutes that have a similar vision of supporting national development and transformation, capacity building, and protecting national revenues.

We focus on empowering organisations and their ability to respond to global risk, supporting their aims to make a positive impact in the world. Inspiring our staff, consultants, and experts to create an environment for them to be the best that they can be is at the core of our success and goal to make a positive difference in the world.

Our Mission

In addressing some of the key global ethics and risk issues we recognise that honesty, integrity and setting a leadership example is vital to developing client trust and building successful capabilities

our approach to risk analysis

Through knowledge sharing we can empower you to meet your anti-corruption challenges

ethics framework


To become a world-class ethics and risk management company through our global network of experts providing solutions to key sustainable development issues that impact the world

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