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Understanding technology and data analysis opportunity

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Research and analysis is key to understanding the current and future threats that might impact an organisation and its global supply chain. Once you have a risk picture you can then make decisions on your approach on how best to protect your organisation. 

Developing an organisations anti-fraud culture including areas such as fraud and corruption training is integral and part of the foundations of any revenue protection and reputation risk approach and affecting strong communication within an organisation and with its partners and suppliers is one of the keys in identifying and responding to the ever changing face of risk.

Big data and the use of technology is now an integral part of doing business and opportunities for an organisation to assess their level of risk through the collection and analysis of information is an essential part of revenue protection and ensuring these risks aren't passed onto partners or clients.

Technology plays an increasing and integral role in organisation assurance and the mitigation of risk from the collection and analysis of data, cyber crime reporting, to the tracking and audit of your supply chain to protecting it from counterfeit goods and materials being introduced.

Assessment and the continual research of new technologies that can support an organisations efforts to mitigate their risks is an important part of providing effective risk mitigation solutions.

Measuring an organisations development and performance is built into our engagements, from the introduction of a program of awareness and training that creates a starting point to measure organisation capability, risk and performance to assessing the use of current technologies and identifying global technologies that will enhance an organisations performance and reduce their risk and ability to collect and analyse organisational data and route to enhancing risk measurement. 

success through partnership

Success Through Partnership

sustainable development goals


We recognise that the key to affecting change within an organisation or making a global impact in the Sustainable Development Goals is that partnership is an essential part of achieving these aims.

Global Risk Alliance in focussing on national development has partnered with a number of training providers, institutes and universities to ensure that we are able to offer country specific solutions.

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