To understand the level of risk that an organisation faces you must look at its internal and external threats, where it can be targeted including procurement and project processes and the governance procedures it currently has in place that includes assessing your approach to risk assessment.
Building a response to procurement fraud and corruption through an organisations approach to risk assessment and the design of a risk mitigation framework starts with building an organisations anti-fraud culture. There is no one simple solution or one size fits all approach to combat the effects of fraud and corruption risks and a planned approach is necessary around people, processes and monitoring.
An organisations ability to collect and analyse information on their risk exposure is an integral part of building the profile of the threats to an organisation. Training staff and suppliers on current global threats, fraud and corruption methodologies and risk mitigation processes is an essential part of creating an anti-fraud culture and developing the opportunity to identify and mitigate risk.

Templates and tools

To help you understand and measure your organisation risk


risk matrix

 Sample template to break down key areas of risk, typologies and areas of recommendation


vendor risk

Risk questionnaire to assess vendor onboarding risk



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data analysis

Common data analysis used to identify procurement fraud risk and typologies


risk framework

Risk questionnaire used in planning process to highlight key areas of risk


procurement risk

Schedule of questions to assess risk within the procurement lifecycle


Organised crime

Organised crime supply chain, how it is used and where legitimate supply chains can be infiltrated


procurement fraud

Design out procurement fraud and common barriers to risk mitigation


asset management

Areas of risk, detection and analysis to mitigation asset theft and an insider threat 


counterfeit products

Global enablers of counterfeit products that assist the impact in your global supply chain


fraud typologies

A breakdown of procurement fraud typologies and the methods of illicit conduct



Organised crime use of corruption and links to counterfeit products

Templates and tools

to help you understand and measure your organisation risk

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