Developing our services and building our research, education and consultancy capabilities, our aim is to assist organisations enhance their response to positively impact the Sustainable Development Goals.

Part of our advisory services includes evidencing to organisations, how revenues and international funds should be protected ensuring that monies are used on national projects and aren't illicitly diverted.

A countries ability to eradicate and mitigate corruption will have a significant impact on the completion of national projects and also create an environment for ethical international investment and national growth.

Assisting an organisation's proactive stance on their Corporate Social Responsibility, not merely talking about how ethical they are but demonstrating and communicating their leadership is an integral part of the global reponse to positively tranforming our world.

Integrity within national and international vetting structures is an essential measure in mitigating vendor risk and risk within their supply chains that includes the use of child or slave labour that builds an organisations response to meet the Sustainable Development Goals.

An organisations ability to verify vendor, executive and shareholder risk and to assess company information through supplier visits is integral in establishing the veracity of information, their capability and ability to complete future contracts. 


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It is not only the responsibility of Government and the public sector to protect national revenues and natural resources, it is the corporate social responsibility of all business to demonstrate how they will protect national revenues. To positively impact key social, environmental or economic issues organisations must demonstrate a holistic approach to risk assessment, planning and project completion.

Does an organisation have the capability of continual research and analysis of social, environmental and financial risks, mapping of global SDG threats and goals, vendor supply chain visibility, vendor risk mitigation and proactive anti-fraud efforts and onsite vendor audit capabilities 

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Building integrity within supply chains

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