Focus on outcomes

Identifying the training and development goals for your organisation whether it is identifying the gaps in your team's expertise to manage risk or if you don't fully understand the risks and revenue loss that your organisation faces, being able to measure the benefits of training, and having a plan that drives your organisations risk mitigation strategy is an integral part of our teaching method.



Start your blended learning process by providing staff with initial eLearning courses to assess their basic understanding of risk and route to mitigation.


In our next step in individual learning, their completion of an assignment that includes a critical assessment of organisational risk. These specific case studies support the learning from the initial eLearning course to measure knowledge transfer an increase in understanding of governance currently in place.

Training Courses

In addition to the expert materials provided during courses, our training maximises the opportunity for individual learning, broadening their understanding of risk, its impact, and where they can make changes within their organisation to protect revenues. Presenting and discussing findings of individual assignments help build your organisation's risk picture.

Strategic Approach

Taking a strategic approach to learning and maximising the opportunity to understand the challenges your organisation faces including the control, procedure, or people risk is integral in our training outcomes. Producing a matrix of risks, typologies, and recommendations is essential to ensure that our training courses not only have maximum benefit and knowledge transfer for individuals but assist your organisation drive its risk mitigation strategy.

Mentoring & Coaching

Whether it's building your personal knowledge of corruption, procurement fraud, or transnational crime and its potential impact on your organisation or sector or if you require expert advice and guidance on building your organisation framework to mitigate these risks, individual and organisation mentorship or coaching we can assist you in reducing your organisation revenue loss through designing out risk.

Ready to make an impact with our training

eLearning Courses



To assist organisation flexibility in training its staff, we offer and design virtual training courses to meet client needs


Our subject matter experts and operational experience ensures that we can design and deliver high quality training programs for our global clients.


Talk to us today about how we can create training programs for your organisation.

  • identifying procurement fraud risk

    Procurement Fraud

    Examine the various typologies of procurement fraud and areas within your organisation that can be targeted.

  • learn how to design out procurement fraud

    Control Measures

    Examine the various methods of procurement fraud and corruption risk mitigation and learn how to design out procurement fraud risk.

  • counterfeit product risk

    Risk Assessment

    Learn the basics of risk assessment, planning, design, data collection, and implementation

  • organised crime infiltration of public procurement

    Organised Crime

    Learn how organised crime groups infiltrate public procurement and ways to identify and respond to risk.

  • Cyber Awareness

    Provides candidates with the knowledge and skills required to work safely in cyber space. Candidates will recognise the need to safeguard personal information on their computers and smart devices. They will recognize the threats posed by cyber criminals and learn cyber acceptable and ethical behaviours.

  • International Security

    Provides those involved in international security with a comprehensive understanding of key transnational threats, their typologies, extent and impact and details the strategies and mechanisms necessary to mitigate them.

  • procurement fraud training

    Procurement Fraud

    Provides those involved at any stage of procuring goods, works or services within their organisations with the knowledge and skillset to identify and mitigate the threat posed by the multi-layered complexity of procurement fraud, equipping delegates with the range of tools and strategy to tackle threats effectively and systematically.

  • Anti-Corruption

    This course will provide you with a clear and concise anti-corruption framework that allows delegates to obtain a detailed understanding of the concepts, strategies and mechanisms needed to mitigate corruption in their own jurisdictions.

  • Tackling Financial Corruption

    This course will provide delegates involved in tackling the financial underpinning of corrupt behaviour with the knowledge, concepts and practices necessary to understand and mitigate illicit financial flows.

  • Financial Crime

    Provides those involved in identifying and mitigating the threat posed by financial crime with a detailed overview of the nature and parameters of such crime and the tools, processes and mechanisms needed to tackle the complexity of financial crime effectively and systematically.

Insider Threat

This course will provide delegates with an understanding of the Insider Actor and how they can impact an organisation. Recognised as a significant global threat that impacts security policy that can quickly undermine its operations, reputation and success whether interntionally or unintentionally


Provides delegates with an understanding of the role of the investigator, key tools and expertise that are available to support an investigation and will equip delegates with the knowledge and skills to confidently prepare for and carry out investigations from start to completion.


Provides delegates with an understanding of the role that intelligence can play within an organisation that includes data analysis and management producing organisational reports that identify key risks to facilitate operational and stategic action and decision making by key stakeholders