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Learn How to Build Your Risk Assessment and Response Plan

Design your approach to organisation risk including building your anti-corruption framework.


Tackling Financial Corruption

This programme will provide delegates involved in tackling the financial crime underpinning of corrupt behaviour with the knowledge, concepts, and practices necessary to understand and mitigate illicit financial flows.

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Procurement fraud and Corruption Risk

This programme will provide delegates involved in tackling financial crime an in depth knowledge of the typologies of procurement fraud and corruption and roles and areas of procurement that are targeted.


Anti-Corruption Risk Assessment

This one day training programme provides delegates involved in the assessment and mitigating corruption risk with knowledge and approach to identify, collect and assess data to build a picture of known risks.

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Fraud and Corruption Risk Mitigation

This programme will provide delegates with the knowledge, tools and materials on how to identify and build your operational and strategic risk mitigation response to corruption and procurement fraud risk. 

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Risk Mitigation


Enhance your organisations expertise and capabilities through access to our learning management system within the Anti-Corruption Education Network. Access our online training suite, risk assessment materials, ebooks and expert groups to build your knowledge and measure your performance.

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