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Procurement fraud risks
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Transformation through risk planning

National development and transformation, creating an environment of change is an important step in enhancing and protecting national revenues.


Providing global expertise that can guide and affect this change is integral in building national capacity and capabilities through knowledge sharing.

Part of the global responsibility is to ensure that nations are able to build their expertise and capacity to achieve success for its own people.

Risk planning at the design stage of national projects is a key area that is most often missed that allows national revenues to be diverted or defrauded during the lifetime of a project.

Global Risk Alliance focus on a number of key areas for national development with the support of expertise and partners to ensure success and protection of national revenues.

Partnerships that  provide education solutions that meet a specific national requirement is a key component to understanding and enhancing national development and transformation.

project risk assessment

One of the essential parts in completing projects successfully is being able to assess and mitigate the fraud risk within them. Introducing expertise at the design stage of a project to assess key risks and create and introduce a project fraud mitigation strategy ensures greater opportunity for success and that national or international investment monies is protected.

Our breadth of expertise in anti-corruption and the development of national capabilities includes the creation of an  Anti-Corruption Commission, national research and training programs.

Talk to us on ways we can support your organisations development.

risk assessment approach


Assessing risks that impact national development is the first step in enhancing national capabilities and expertise. Building partnerships that support and can impact national assessment and development opportunities is key to creating momentum and positive and effective results.

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