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Use as a standalone solution or as part of your whistleblower service to introduce an additional layer of protection to increase reporting

The HaYa platform is designed to give the whistleblower the confidence and peace of mind to make that first contact.

HaYa does this by:

  • Simplifying the process by using QR codes and an app

  • Requiring no registration or profile giving the whistleblower anonymity

  • Being chat based allowing for extended conversations

  •  Giving the organisation a greater chance to resolve the issue

Try it now 

By scanning the QR code with your smartphone camera and contacting us anonymously.


Taking steps to blow the whistle can be one of the most stressful things that an individual does in their lifetime and there are many global cases where retaliation is taken against an individual for a disclosure that they make in good faith.

Introducing a whistleblower platform as part of a risk identification and mitigation approach not only reinforces an organisations ethical culture but also promotes a compliance environment and sends a clear leadership message of expected standards and an organisations ethos.

How can we assist your hotline approach

Global Risk Alliance has introduced this service to assist individuals to make incognito disclosures on suspicions of procurement fraud, bribery, or corruption, where their employer doesn't have a platform to protect the identity of individuals that make disclosures. Where practicable, we will forward the relevant information to the appropriate organisation or authority.


The discussions and exchange of information on HaYa are for the purpose of obtaining relevant information of suspicious activity and the event(s) in question. Any communication during these exchanges should not be construed as legal advice and are provided without warranty, expressed or implied. The use of information provided to the user during the course of interactions is at the user's own risk.



Outsourcing to an incognito reporting system is a cost effective and efficient method of receiving information on risk. Making a report from a mobile phone means that it can be done at any time from anywhere.

This method of reporting means that this information can be simply and quickly sent to an organisation for immediate response, where necessary.