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Preventive Anti-Corruption Education Project
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Preventive Anti-Corruption Education Project

Design Out Risk and Revenue Loss


Strategic Approach

Helping build your framework to identify and mitigate corruption and associated financial crime risk
Our mission is to help clients identify and design out fraud and corruption within their organisation processes.

We create value through the protection of revenues and knowledge sharing to enhance expertise and capabilities, systems and controls and policies and procedures.

Business Colleagues

Anti Corruption Education Network

Develop your national anti-corruption preventive approach. Build your knowledge, expertise and global anti-corruption network. 

Introduce an efficient, low cost incognito reporting into your international operations

Taking steps to blow the whistle can be one of the most stressful things that an individual does in their lifetime and there are many global cases where retaliation is taken against an individual for a disclosure that they made in good faith.

Understanding the level of risk that your organisation faces can only be accurately done through the collection of reports from staff, suppliers, partners and third parties. Incognito reporting helps build an environment of trust, increase reports and the collection of data to better assess and respond to risk.
global supply chain and preventing the impact from fraud and corruption

What We Do





Approach to risk mitigation

There are many forms of transnational and financial crime risk that can impact an organisations global supply chain, whether it is fraud and corruption in public procurement, modern slavery or organised crime infiltration of procurement through the distribution of counterfeit products.

Preventing procurement fraud and corruption risk including other financial crime or fraud schemes, through designing out risk, understanding the various illicit methods and where an organisation can be impacted are the first steps in protecting an organisation from the reputation and the financial impact of fraud.
Education is an integral part of a response to financial and reputation risk. An organisation that has an anti-fraud culture and has fraud and corruption training and awareness at its core will create an environment where risks are identified, reported, and greater measurement of prevention and detection controls.

The Experts Programme to Prevent Future Corruption Risk

Are you impacted by corruption risk, have you suffered revenue loss or reputational damage, are you unsure of how to stop it from happening in the future, or are you aware of how to build a capability to respond to these risks? Do you need to know how to risk assess your organisation or how to build your anti-corruption framework to prevent financial loss and protect your reputation?

Through our online programmes, coaching and consultancy, we will help you acquire the skills you need to make the impact you want for your organisation.

The impact of fraud and corruption on a company or government organisation can be significant. The route to preventing fraud and corruption should be done through risk planning, awareness, the design of risk mitigation and a fraud and corruption control plan.
Providing fraud and corruption best practice guides, fraud and corruption training and awareness are an essential first step in understanding your level of risk and route to prevention and detection.

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To know more about our services contact us today to discuss how we can support your risk mitigation projects. 

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